May 18, 2017

Great Migration

A safari to Tanzania’s Serengeti to specifically view the great migration is one of the ultimate safaris experience.
The best Wildebeest Migration in East Africa known as “The Great Migration” which take place between Tanzania ‘s Serengeti National park and Kenya ‘s spectacles on the planet. Thousands of Wildebeest and Zebra’s migrate between the Serengeti and the Masai Mara, Constantly driven by their search for fresh grazing Area. The massive herds are closely followed by predators (lion, leopard, Cheetah and hyena) making the most of every opportunity to catch their next meal.
The precise timing of the annual wildebeest migration depends on the rains, it is a very unpredictable and spontaneous natural event, with calving season taking place in the Serengeti between January and Mid – March.

The wildebeest migration starts to head towards the western Serengeti in May or June. The best time to see the migration is generally between June and August when the Wildebeest congregate and prepare to cross the famous Grumeti River. In Maasai Mara generally arrive between August and September, October and November. Between the end of November and January the wildebeest gradually begin their migration from the Maasai Mara back towards the Serengeti.

N.B. Please note that the timing of the migration is NOT predictable depends on the rainy season in that surrounding specific year. This seasonal chart is a general view description of the migration cycle. And we cannot guarantee you or be held liable for seasonal changes of the current migration in East Africa.

Here is some selected of the excellent lodges and camps in the Serengeti area from where you can witness one of the greatest world wildlife spectacular natural phenomenon. KIRAWIRA – MAY – JULY, LOBO – JULY – NOV & DEC, GURUMENT RIVER – MAY – AUGUST, IKOMA – JULY – AUGUST, SERONERA – MARCH, APRIL -JUNE, LAKE NDUTU – DEC, JAN, FEB, MARCH & APRIL, NYARBORO HILLS – MARCH – MAY, KLEINS’ CAMP – AUGUST – DEC, MIGRATION CAMP – JULY – OCTOBER.